Breakwater Fort

This site is really quite remarkable and has been overlooked by underwater photographers over the years, mainly because it is only dived when you can't dive anywhere else and that's when this site is not at its best! Change the way you dive for underwater photographs and this site will provide you with some world class images with both macro and wide angle lenses.

There are several different structures left over from the days when Fort Bovisand used to use the Fort for commecrial diver training and subjects include large patches of multicoloured jewell anemones, large plumose anemones, fan coral and nudibranchs as well as some impressive structures for wideangle.

Depths range from 10-15 metres depending on the tide and there is very little current. Click on the images to see larger versions in a new window.

There is some excellent background information and underwater scans of the seabed around the Fort here

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