£500 per day for 4 people

Heated dry cabin - Fresh water shower - Changing facilities - Toilet on board - Safety shading - Hot and cold drinks - Laptop viewing - Wi Fi (4g dependant) - 240v power charging

Offshore blue shark charters usually run from the beginning of July to the end of September but we are totally dependant on the weather and 'the blues' :-) Fortunately they have been pretty consistent in the past few years and recent records have seen year on year increases in sightings and encounters.
These are usually high adrenaline trips far out to sea so we need to prepare in advance to give you the best experience both above and in the water (if you so choose).
We usually leave at 9am and get back by 5pm so that's 8 hours at sea which is a very long time if you aren't prepared. Please follow these few basics to get the most out of the day:

MV Magic is a great boat for blue sharking. 
She has a warm, dry and bright cabin for safety and comfort with plenty of deck access external space for everyone to walk around for the best uninterrupted view. Offshore blue shark trips are limited to just four passengers to maximise the encounters.
There is plenty of fresh water for hydration and (navy) showers if you want to rinse after a snorkel.
The on board fridge will keep your food and drinks fresh and chilled. Tea, coffee and OXO are also available.
We have several 240v UK sockets for camera and laptop charging.

If you want to get in the water, that's up to you but when you're done, you have the luxury of getting changed back into your civvies for comfort and convenience.
There are two ladders for entry and exit, long in-water safety ropes to satellite from as well as a 4 man dinghy for off boat remote shooting are provided.
We have two ways of attracting the Blues - sound and smell. The former doesn't make a smell and the latter doesn't make a sound :-) The 'smell' we use is very smelly but we have devised a cartridge system which minimises it

Experienced boaters know that the sea can be unforgiving and they come prepared.
Bring layers of clothes for warmth. Big brimmed hats for shade. Polarised sunglasses for spotting the Blues. Plenty of high factor sun protection. Food and beverages (no alcohol is allowed) to keep you happy for a long day :-)

It would be remiss of me not to warn you about this possibility even if you rarely suffer from it. If in doubt, take some tablets beforehand and here's some advice from the NHS
Please be aware that this is a group trip and if one person is not well we must continue with the day unless the other three are also not well and everybody agrees they want to get back on land! If this occurs, there will be no refunds payable.

You are welcome to get into the water when we are both agreed there is little risk but please be aware, and accept, that the Blues are wild animals and that we have attracted them by exciting their senses. They can be incredibly fast moving and have very, very sharp teeth.
As well as sound and smell, bright colours excite them so please bring dark coloured suits, gloves, hoods, masks and snorkels. You must be fully covered when entering the water.

Peter Rowlands and MV Magic are qualified and insured to transport you to and from the encounter locations and to get you safely in and out of the water (if you choose to enter it). Individuals entering the water are responsible for operating within the limits of their training and/or experience.

As already stated, nature guarantees nothing so neither can we. There can be times when we have no Blue activity for long periods of time and sometimes even nothing for the whole day. Other days we can't believe our luck with plenty of Blues, dolphins, gannets and even bigger mammals to make an amazing marine experience :-)
I guess the old adage is still true "You've got to be in it to win it!"

Going several miles offshore we must always keep an eye on the weather both before and during the day. I'm not interested in operating in lumpy, uncomfortable seas for 8 hours so will only head out if I am sure we can have a good, safe time. If I cancel the trip for whatever reason, a full refund will obviously be made.


07941 399651 (Not answered or replied to whilst driving)

PayPal payments to

You can 'pencil' any dates you want (within reason). If anyone else expresses interest in the same date/dates I will contact you and you have 48 hours priority to 'ink' the booking. Dates will not be 'inked' until a 20% deposit has been paid. This holds a booking which must be confirmed by payment in full eight weeks before the charter date.
Offers of payments on the day cannot be accepted.
If you are booking for a company, club or group you must warrant and confirm that you are authorised to act on their behalf and that you notify and get the agreement from each person about these conditions.


If you wish to cancel for whatever reason, we will obviously try and resell the booking and refund your monies paid less expenses incurred. If the booking cannot be resold, the following charges will be made:

Up to 6 weeks prior to the charter - Loss of deposit
4 - 6 weeks prior to the charter: 50% of the total fee
Less than 4 weeks prior to the charter: 100% of the total fee

Cancellations made by Peter Rowlands or his Skipper for whatever reason will be refunded in full.

Once the charter has commenced by mutual agreement, no refunds will be payable. If for any reason Peter Rowlands or the Skipper deems that any individual for whatever reason is affecting the safety of the charter, he/they have the right to return to port without any refund being payable.

MV Magic has full insurance for all passengers on board up to £3,000,000 but this does not cover activities away from the boat i.e. swimming/snorkelling


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